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Bike Dynamos & Lights
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Bike Dynamos & Lights

Go Green and Save Money With A Dependable Eco-Friendly Bicycle Light.

You love riding at night but you hate shelling out dollars for disposable, landfill-bound batteries or dealing with the hassle of recharging a NiCad. Worse, you worry about the rude, mid-ride surprise when your headlight begins to dim and then everything fades to black like the final scene of "The Sopranos".

There’s a better way to handle the dark. We invite you to the bright world of dynamo bike lights. Use the bike as your power source. New generation dynamos are nothing like those high-friction, noisy devices you used as a kid on your Schwinn Varsity. They’re a smart, cost-efficient, and safe way to power your lights – a great choice for the year-round commuter.

You’ll love the freedom and dependability of dynamo lighting! If you are not ready for a dynamo just yet, the Trelock LS250 is a battery operated light that is so bright people will think you are a car!

Cantitoe Road carries a wide selection of powerful dynamo head lights and dynamo tail lights with state-of-the-art LED technology, integrated cooling, stand light function, and light sensor-controlled activation technology. We also offer top quality generator hubs from Biologic separately or as built wheels and the best side-runner dynamo in the world, AXA’s HR Traction Control.

Please visit our videos page to see how easy it is to install a dynamo system on your bike! It’s so simple, it's "Dy-No-Mite!"

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