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Bicycle Tire Sealant Comparison
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Bike Tire Sealant

Caffélatex tire sealant is different than other liquid latex sealants on the market -- it has a foaming agent that effectively creates a tire filling foam as your tire rolls down the road or trail. 

Bicycle Tire Sealant Comparison

The advantage is that the Caffelatex foaming sealant can seal the rim/tire junction and sidewall punctures as you ride. For a sidewall puncture, other riders will have to stop and jiggle their tire

Caffelatex is a liquid, latex based tire sealant. It's ammonia-free, so it won't harm your tires and rims. It's available in a 1000ml bottle that, depending on your tire size and type, will allow you to install and seal at least ten tires. Caffelatex will seal punctures as big as 5mm in mountain and 3mm in road tires.  High pressure just allow the sealant to flow towards the damaged portion of the tire. But you'll never notice as Caffelatex just does the job for you.

"Having spent six months using several different sealants back-to-back, we can confidently say this is the highest performing one we have tried so far." - Matt Wragg - Jan 2, 2014

"Its a subtle change that makes a huge difference. - Greg Kopecky- October, 2012


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