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Biologic Joule HG On/Off Generator Hub /**/
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Biologic Joule HG On/Off Generator Hub

Part Number:HB017S
Biologic Joule HG On/Off Generator Hub


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The Joule HG On/Off dynamo hub features a switch on the side that can be rotated "on" or "off". In the "on" position, the Joule HG is one of the most efficient hubs on the market. In the "off" position, the magnets are pulled away from the core of the hub so that there's practically zero extra drag.

  • Dynamo can be switched completely off, practically eliminating all drag
  • CNC-finished 6061 aluminum housing
  • High generator efficiency
  • 100 OLD, 32-hole
  • Works with both disc and non-disc brakes
  • Weight: 656 grams (23.1 oz)

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