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Reecharge Case for iPhone 4/4S, 3GS/3G - Charge your iPhone as you ride!

Part Number:82104
Reecharge Case for iPhone 4/4S, 3GS/3G - Charge your iPhone as you ride!


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Rugged and waterproof, the ReeCharge Case completely encloses and protects your iPhone while still allowing full access to the touch screen and all your apps. Even better, the ReeCharge Case integrates a powerful lithium polymer battery that helps your iPhone's battery keep up with epic outings and juice-hungry apps. With your iPhone fully protected and staying charged, you are ready for long days outdoors, in the saddle, on the trail, or on the slopes. With the optional ReeCharge Case Bracket, the ReeCharge Case mounts easily to the handlebar of any bicycle, allowing you to turn your iPhone into a powerful cycling computer.


The Breakdown Reecharge Bundle: Options 1, 2, 3 Explained:

  • Option 1 - Just the Reecharge Case, nothing more. A good option for commuters, or people going into the back country, looking for that extra punch of battery juice when they need it.
  • Option 2 - The Reecharge Case with the Reecharge Bracket. Makes a good combination for someone who wants to use this weatherproof case for their commuting lifestyle. If your phone battery is low as you're leaving the office, just put it in the case, and click it onto the Reecharge bracket for hands-free charging as you ride home. Of course, the case still works autonomously, but the bracket is nice for when you're riding, so you can use your phone on your way home.
  • Option 3 - The whole package. This includes: Reecharge case, Reecharge bracket, Reecharge Dynamo Kit, but NOT a hub dynamo wheel. If you're already riding with a dynamo hub, this package makes sense. You're getting the whole set-up here. What's more, the Reecharge kit has extra USB ports where you can charge your iPhone, and another electronic device simultaneously, and power it all with your own two legs.

Quick Overview:


  • Integrated 1400 mAh lithium polymer battery
  • Charge out function allows the case to charge other USB devices
  • Hard plastic case and silicone liner protect your iPhone against scratches and knocks
  • RidgeSeal case design protects against weather, sweat, and grime -- meets IPX4 water resistance standard
  • Double-pivot lock system for secure case closure
  • Compatible with iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G
  • Optional ReeCharge Case Bracket clamps the case securely to any handlebar or railing up to 40 mm in diameter
  • Optional ReeCharge Dynamo Kit lets a bicycle hub dynamo charge the ReeCharge Case
  • Made for iPhone certified


Dimensions and Weight:


  • Case dimensions: 17.2 x 11.3 x 4.3 cm
  • Case weight: 165 g




  • ReeCharge case
  • One (1) micro-USB/USB cable
  • One (1) mini-USB/USB cable
  • Instruction manual


iPhone not included.




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