Giustaforza II PRO 2-16 Torque Wrench

The Giustaforza II PRO (Correct Force) torque wrench is the world's first torque wrench designed specifically for use on high performance bicycles parts. This bike wrench is made in Italy by Effetto Mariposa ... read more

Brand: Effetto Mariposa
Product Code: EMGF2PB216
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Price: $249.95
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Effetto Mariposa Giustaforza Tech Video

In this Giustaforza tech video, Effetto Mariposa showcases some ways to use the Giustaforza and some tips for home mechanics.

The Giustaforza "Correct Force" Torque Wrench is the first bicycle torque wrench specifically designed for precision lightweight bicycle parts.

Note: Always return the GF setting back to 2 Nm when not in use to ensure long-term accuracy.

  • Now with rounded head for easier access to hard-to-reach bolts!
  • Ratcheting head (available on this PRO model)
  • Extremely User-Friendly
  • Ideal Torque Range, 2-16 Nm
  • Graduated scale with 0.5 Nm increments
  • 13 bits included
  • Body: Anodized aluminum, red
  • Adjustment knob: Steel
  • Bit-holder: Steel
  • Professional precision: +/-4% guaranteed for 5,000 clicks (torque applications)
  • Unique serial number
  • Case: Aluminum box
  • Recalibration: 1st recalibration FREE (only free with this PRO model)
  • Made in Italy

All the Details

Ideal Torque Range, 2-16 Nm*

This is the best torque range for precision bicycle applications and 'sensitive' components. 2 Nm is good for small aluminum screws, 16 Nm is enough for big M6 bolts used in some seatposts. A wider scale wouldn't allow the same precision at the range extremes. In use, always refer to the suggested (on technical documentation or on the part itself) torque values.

*For a Nm to Inch-Pound Conversion chart go to: Nm_to_Pounds_Torque_Table.pdf

Extremely User-Friendly

  • set the maximum torque rotating the handle terminal, reading the torque on the tool-window (Graduated scale with 0.5 Nm increments)
  • insert the appropriate bit (depending on the bolt you need to tighten)
  • using the tool, a loud 'CLICK' and a 3° free-movement tells when the torque has been reached
setting the desired torque (NM) could not be easier

13 Bits Included

  • 25mm bits (S2 steel)
    • 2, 2.5, 3, 6
    • T10, T15, T20, T30
    • - 3/16
    • + PH1
  • 100mm bits (S2 steel)
    • 4, 5
    • T25
  • Extender

Lightweight & Strong

The light aluminum body keeps the weight down to a mere 168g per wrench. A lightweight tool is critical for sensitivity at low torque values. With heavier wrenches, it's easy to mistake the effort to hold the tool with the applied torque. Adjustment knob and bit-holder are made of steel, to better stand daily use.

Professional Precision

Torque tolerance is +-4%, according to UNI EN ISO 6789:2004 norm (calibration certificate with SIT reference is available for a new torque wrench upon request for an additional cost of $50).

Calibration Service

After 5000 cycles (5000 'clicks'), the GF wrench should be re-calibrated. Calibration is a service we offer in our laboratories at the cost of $50 plus $9.95 shipping and handling (first calibration included with PRO wrench). After every calibration, the tolerance of +/-4% over nominal values is guaranteed. After calibration, the wrench will return to the customer with a calibration certificate.

A State-of-the-Art Tool

Made in Italy, functional, linear in design, and precise in any detail: shouldn't be a surprise to know that Giustaforza II 2-16Nm has been conceived and produced in Italy. The tool is hard-anodized with laser-etched inscriptions, and it's built to last. Each sample is checked and numbered as a single masterpiece.

each wrench is numbered as a 'unique' masterpiece

Easy and Safe to Carry

The aluminum tool box protects the tool from shocks.

Video, Guides & Manuals

Video: Click the Giustaforza after a Long Storage to Wake it Up

Tip: Extreme Temperatures and Long Storage of the Giustaforza

Recalibrate & Register

Serviceable for a Lifetime

The Giustaforza bicycle torque wrench is a professional tool and is serviceable for a lifetime, so register it today.

Giustaforza Recalibration

Need to have your Giustaforza serviced? Learn more or submit your information using our Giustaforza Recalibration & Process page.

Giustaforza Registration 

No matter if you purchased your Giustaforza from us or one of our retail shops, you can register the torque wrench here. Register your Giustaforza using this form.


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