Axa Defender RL Frame Lock

Lock it and go! This frame-mounted ring lock make it quick, easy and secure. Turn the key, throw the shackle, pull the key, and walk. ... read more

Brand: Axa
Product Code: AB555650965415B
Availability: In Stock
Price: $59.95
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Defender RL Frame Lock comes with mounting strips

With its simple turn of a key, lock and go functionality, you will be locked and on your way in a breeze. The Defender is simple to use in everyday situations. The AXA Defender RL bicycle frame lock is tough, sturdy, and heavy duty, and can be installed directly onto most bicycle frames.

Defender Frame Lock Features

  • Frame mounted lock
  • Can be combined with plug-in chains and cables (sold separately)
  • Frame Mounting Hardware Included
  • Low weight 640 grams (1.41 lbs)
  • International Key Service
  • Strong Patented Fold-able Key

How the Defender Frame Lock Works

This frame lock is key operated, and by itself it can lock the bicycle by creating a steel ring through the spokes of the wheel, securing it to the frame, effectively making the bike un-ride-able.

With its optional plug-in cable* or plug-in chain* (sold separately), the Defender RL can lock both the wheel and the bicycle frame very securely. For those times when you need to lock the bicycle to a rack, or other stationary object, the optional plug-in chains* and plug-in cables* is very beneficial. Use of the Defender frame lock is very straightforward.

* optional plug-in cables and chains are sold separately.

Please note, the removable plastic mounting covers will not fit back on the frame lock once the mounting hardware is in place.

How To Use The Defender RL Bicycle Frame Lock

When locking the bicycle it can be done in one of two methods:

  1. Alone, simply push the red latch while turning the key to apply the wheel lock. The bike cannot be ridden away.
  2. With the the additional plug-in chain* or plug-in cable*, you loop the chain or cable around around the bicycle frame itself, and a bike rack. Then plug the end of the chain into the Defender frame lock and turn the key engaging the fully locking system. Now the bike cannot be ridden away or carried away.

* optional plug-in cables and chains are sold separately.

Included Defender Mounting Hardware

The Defender Lock mounts to the frame (seat stays) of the bicycle. Flexible mounting strips are included with this defender lock.

Alternative Defender Mounting Hardware

Alternative Option 1: ATB Mounting Brackets are also available, as a separate product, for the Defender Frame Lock. ATB mounting brackets are not needed for most bikes, as the Defender comes with the flexible strips frame mounting hardware. However, the ATB brackets are easier to install.

Alternative Option 2: If you would rather mount this lock to your cantilever brakes, you will need this cantilever brake mounting bracket.

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