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Carbogrip 3 ml x 15 blisters by Effetto Mariposa
CarboGrip prevents slipping of posts and handle bars for bikes. Designed for use with carbon fiber parts. Frequently used on mou..
Carbogrip 3ml by Effetto Mariposa
CarboGrip allows you to resolve known issues with carbon bicycle parts. Professional product used to prevent carbon seat posts, ..
Carbogrip Canister by Effetto Mariposa
CarboGrip mounting spray allows you to overcome some known problems with carbon parts, such as the slippage of carbon posts and ..
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Effetto Mariposa Carbomove by Effetto Mariposa
Effetto Mariposa Carbomove is a powerful solvent and penetrating oil specially designed for carbon bicycle parts. Got a stuck ca..
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