About Cantitoe Road

Cantitoe Road is an eCommerce company based in Fort Collins, CO. We sell bicycle parts, tools, and related accessories.

Tom Petrie, President of Cantitoe RoadA Message from our President

I learned to ride a bike on Cantitoe Road. It was there that I fell in love with cycling and a bicycle's magical ability to amplify one's physical efforts. As a child, I'd been told the fairy tale "Seven League Boots" (the protagonist puts on the boots and can then travel seven leagues with each stride). Surely a bicycle was the realization of this fantasy! I was delighted by the freedom a bicycle conferred. The size and scope of my childhood world expanded dramatically. At 10 years old, I'd organize "bike hike" adventures for myself riding to what I presumed were the far reaches of the county on my balloon-tired Columbia bicycle with steer-horn bars. I've never lost that childhood infatuation with bicycles. Every time I throw my leg over one, that magical feeling of wearing those wonderful Seven League Boots returns.

I hope you enjoy your experience on this site. If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback, please write.

Tom Petrie, Owner

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