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Ass Saver - Red

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Price: $9.95
Part Number: PAR004RED
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This is the San Marco Ass Saver in Red. 

It's a simple solution, but an effective one. On those bleak weather days this little piece of bicycle commuting gear is here to bail you out. Not expecting rain but have to ride home? A surprise tropical storm blows in before your evening commute? El Nino decides to pay an early visit? We got your ass. It's the perfect emergency bicycle fender; it's light, easy to install, easy to uninstall, and (best of all) it works.
We think your ass is worth protecting, and we're in the business of protecting it.

Material: Polypropylene
Weight: 15 grams
Measures: 340 x 100 mm


Ass Savers X San Marco from San Marco on Vimeo.

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