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Connex by Wippermann

WippermannWilhelm Wippermann manufactured his first bicycle chain because he was dis-satisfied with a chain that kept breaking on his son’s bicycle. His company has been making the best chains in the world ever since. Connex is the bicycle chain division of Wippermann jr. GmbH. More than 80% of Wippermann’s business is in the production of industrial roller chains for heavy industry, automotive, and materials handling. The company is renowned for high quality precision manufacturing. Just as one looks to Germany for the best -engineered and most dependable consumer products, industry looks to Wippermann for the best roller chains. Indeed, Wippermann is a key supplier to the German automobile industry among numerous others. Wippermann brings all their industrial manufacturing to the manufacture of Connex bicycle chains. Connex chains are the strongest and longest wearing chains in the market. Except where specifically noted, all Connex chains are supplied with their famous Connex Link which allows the user to install or remove the chain by hand! Connex chains are compatible with the corresponding drive systems from Shimano, Sram, and Campagnolo.

Manufactured in Germany since 1893, chains from Wippermann jr. GmbH are widely recognized for their precision and longevity. Connex chains shift quickly and precisely on all Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo drive systems. The famous Connex Link allows easy, tool-free installation and removal.

The best bicycle chain in the world....and this video proves it!

Here are some kind words from Jim Langely, of RoadBikeRider.com and Praxis, on Connex chains:

"To me, Wippermann Connex chains are like that trusty cable cutter, spoke wrench or spanner you know will get the job done right every time. Since they first appeared in the early 90's I've been upgrading bicycles to Connex chains and links as a pro mechanic, as a technical editor for Bicycling Magazine and RoadBikeRider.com, and now as an engineer at Praxis Works. I've also logged tens of thousands of miles on Connex chains as a masters racer. I'm confident there's no smoother-running, quicker-shifting, longer-lasting chain going - at any price. Try a Connex. You'll be glad you did."

-Jim Langley
Praxis Works

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