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Tracking your progress leads to a more fulfilling cycling life

Posted by Shane Rohleder on 1/2/2014 to Bicycle Commuting

Image of Maxwell Natural Area, Fort Collins, CO Maxwell Loop, Fort Collins, CO

I am not a stickler for statistics. I have been riding the same mountain bike trail after work for the past five years and I've never tracked my mileage, time, or rate of ascent. I have been curious about both before, however, asking, "I wonder how hard this really is?" Which of course is just a cover up for the real question, "I wonder how good at this I actually am?"

Much Ado About Bicycle Lights

Posted by Shane Rohleder on 7/19/2013 to Bicycle Commuting

Trelock LS950 Rechargeable Light Trelock LS950 Rechargeable Light

The Shakespearean term "much ado" means "a lot of fuss". And maybe that rhetoric is a bit altiloquent for a lowly blog post about bicycle lights, but maybe, like all good Shakespeare, it's spot on...in it's own, unique way. In this post we ask a simple question: What is the best bike light?

Dare to Offer Purpose-Built Bikes as Car-Replacement Vehicles

Posted by Tom Petrie on 4/11/2013 to Bicycle Commuting

Everything “clicked” for me as I watched a woman stop her bike in front of a convenience store. In a single motion she got off her bike, put down the kickstand, locked the bike and walked away. She was middle-aged, dressed in normal street clothing and simply doing some shopping. What clicked for me was this—the bike was her car.

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