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Bicycle Safety Wing

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Part Number: CRSWING
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Safety Wing Gives You More Breathing Room

Passing cars swing wide when you use the Safety Wing. This EU-approved safety device is a folding reflector arm that extends 12" from the bike. When not needed, it folds back and out of the way. The Safety Wing is typically mounted at the end of the chain stay on the left side of the bicycle, but the universal mounting bracket let's you mount it almost anywhere. The seat stay or rack are other popular mounting positions. It weighs only 53 grams.

OK, it's a little nerdy, but who cares? It works! It's so nice to get some extra breathing room when you're commuting on a busy street. You'll watch cars swing wide and then back into the lane as they pass. It's  confrontational. It simply says, "Hey, I'm here, please pass with care." ... And they do. Nice.


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