Our first official review of the Joule HG Dynamo Wheel/Trelock Light Kit will be in Bicycle Times, Issue #24.

Adam Newman, Bicycle Times Tech Editor, reviewed - and subsequently bought - the dynamo wheel & light kits and had some good things to say about them in an email, on May 8, 2013: "... I'm super happy with this wheel and hub!...It's perfect for the kind of riding I do (on this bike anyway)."

He installed them on his nifty touring bike, shown below (click image to get a closer look at the Joule HG Dynamo Wheel and the Trelock LS875)

Image of Joule HG Dynamo Wheel and Trelock Lights on Bicycle TImes writer Adam Newman's touring bike Notice the Joule HG front wheel with a mounted rotor for disc brakes, and the Trelock LS875 up front


Here's the review. Enjoy!

Image of Bicycle Time Review of Cantitoe Road Dynamo Wheel

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