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Bike Inclinometer Red 26.0mm - Sky Mounti

Part Number:SM26R
Bike Inclinometer Red 26.0mm - Sky Mounti


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The Inclinometer from Sky Mounti finally puts to rest implausible stories about the steepness of ascents and descents. It fits to the handlebars very easily and works like a carpenter's level. The bubble floats in a highly viscous fluid within an acrylic glass body with an etched percent scale. The analog display works precisely and without vibrations.

Dependable as gravity. No batteries or GPS needed!

Meter Scale: +27/-15%

Handlebar Diameter: 26.0mm

Low tech, high function. Made in Germany

Just how steep is it?

Mounting Instructions

Sky Mounti Inclinometer: Mounting Instructions

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT OVER-TIGHTEN the screws. Doing this can weaken or break the under-bracket.

STEP 1: Friction Strip
Inclinometer: Friction Strip

It is not necessary to use the entire rubber friction strip. The only purpose for this strip is to keep the inclinometer from rotating on the bars. Depending on bar diameter and fit, you may want to trim this strip to make installation easier.

In addition, inclinometers are available in two different sizes for regular (26mm) and over-sized (31.8mm) bar diameters.

STEP 2: Tighten but Still Hand Adjustable
Inclinometer: Putting it togetherInclinometer: Tighten, but still hand adjustable

Progressively tighten the screws (one side then the other) until the Inclinometer begins to tighten on the bar, but it can still be adjusted (rotated around the bar) by hand.

STEP 3: Friction Strip
Inclinometer: Friction Strip

Then, with the bike on a level surface, hand position the Inclinometer until the bubble is centered between the "zero:" lines of each scale. 

Then tighten each bolt another half-turn or so, and you're ready to ride.

STEP 4: Give it a Try
Inclinometer: Ride Uphill the Bubble moves to the frontInclinometer: Ride Downhill the bubble moves to the back

As you ride uphill the bubble moves towards the front of the inclinometer. Read the leading edge of the bubble to see the percent incline.

As you ride downhill the bubble moves towards the back of the inclinometer. Read the trailing edge of the bubble to see the percent decline. 

WARNING: If you're descending a steep hill, don't take your attention away from the road to read the bubble (especially if you're going really fast). Better to stop and read the bubble if you really want to know the percent grade.

Inclinometer Reviews: 

MN Bike Trail Navigator: "This tool gives me a pretty good reading on the big hills"
Bike Magazine: "Screw it onto your handlebar and the little bubble tells you exactly how demonic the hill you are presently climbing actually is"

Also our slightly bigger black 31.0mm inclinometer can be purchased here.

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Customer Reviews

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Editorial Review
One feature I love about the Garmin 800 is the percentage of grade reading. Unfortunately due to my lack of speed on ascents of 15 to 20 percent the Garmin does not register and I am left guessing what I just climbed. This is where the Inclinometer from Cantitoe Road steps in. This device is a simple bubble level that shows both ascending and descending grade percentage.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 7/31/2013 11:20:00 AM

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