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telephone logo shipping logo Biologic Arx Bike Grip with Hex key T-Tool

Biologic Arx Grips with Hex Key T-Tool

Part Number:81101
Biologic Arx Grips with Hex Key T-Tool


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Never worry about forgetting your tools at home again

The BioLogic Arx grips are ergonomically designed to support the palm of your hand and position your wrists to allow you to relax more during rides, resulting in less fatigue and more control when you need it. The grips lock into position on the handlebars and a triple density design puts a soft compound rubber just where you need it. Stashed inside the grip is a patented T-Tool – an integrated 4/5/6 mm hex key tool – so it’s always conveniently at hand when you need it.

  • Ergonomic Design for comfort
  • Single Lock to reduce slippage
  • Triple Density design for comfort and durability
  • Hidden 4/5/6 mm hex key tool for repairs

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