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Caffelatex Tubeless Rim Tape by Effetto Mariposa

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Bicycle rim tape for creating tubeless tires
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Caffélatex Tubeless Tape (RACE)
20mm / 10m

Reinforced with a dense glass-fiber matrix, it can stand up to 9 bar (126 psi) with one layer: replacing standard rim-tape, Caffé Tubeless Tape perfectly adapts to rim internal profile and makes standard rims air-tight, sealing spoke holes.

Caffé Tubeless Tape will allow the use of Tubeless, Tubeless-Ready and TNT (Tube No Tube) tires on most standard mtb wheels.

This Race Caffélatex Tubeless Tape is for rims with external section from 22 to 25mm.

One roll is enough for two wheels (26" or 29")


  • 20,5 mm x 8 m (S)
  • 25 mm x 8 m (M)
  • 29 mm x 8 m (L)
  • Enough for two wheels


Weight: Caffe Tape vs. Other Tape

Effetto Mariposa's Caffelatex Tape is at the same level -or better- as the best competitors. Weights are indicated for the tape length needed to convert one MTB 26" wheel. Tape width for all tested tape is 21mm.

  • Effetto Mariposa Caffé Tubeless Tape: 185 cm length (with 10 cm overlap) = 7.4 g
  • Notubes.com Yellow tape: 360 cm length (two complete turns and 10 cm overlap) = 10.4 g
  • FRM White Tape: 185 cm length (with 10 cm overlap, without the additional 10 cm of tape across the valve as in FRM manual) = 7.6 g
  • Standard rim tape, as benchmark = 16.1 g

Caffe Tape Weight vs. The Other Tape

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