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Caffelatex Tubeless Rim Tape by Effetto Mariposa

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Price: $14.95
Bicycle rim tape for creating tubeless tires, Regular and Shop Sizes
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  • - Easy to use
  • - High quality tape material and adhesive
  • - Super light weight
  • - Extended range of widths
  • - Individual (2 wheels) and shop (10 wheels) 


Easy to use

Replacing standard rim tape or rim strip, Caffélatex Tubeless Tape makes rims air-tight by sealing spoke holes. It easily adapts to  internal rim profiles and, thanks to its low memory, it doesn’t ‘spring back’ once put down in the rim channel, for increased stability. Its adhesion is state-of-the-art.

High quality tape

Caffélatex Tubeless Tape is not your average “multi-purpose” tape. Relying on polyester instead of common PVC material, Caffélatex Tubeless Tape is light, thin and highly resistant to damages and pressure. Its special adhesive doesn’t have the immediate tack of natural rubber glues used in cheaper tapes, but develops a stronger bonding over time and is much more tolerant of temperature and humidity changes and aging.

Super light

We're not obsessed with lightness, but we certainly like light parts. Caffélatex Tubeless Tape has gained the reputation for being the perfect complement to featherweight wheels: in size M, it adds only 5,5 g to a 29” mountain bike wheel!

Mounting tips

Before gluing Caffélatex Tubeless Tape inside the rim, carefully clean the rim channel with a degreaser and a clean cloth, removing any trace of grease or lubricant. Remove any trace of dried-up degreaser with a dry, clean cloth.


  1. Start applying Caffélatex Tubeless Tape 2 cm before the valve hole. The tape is flexible but not easily stretchable, so it will adapt to surfaces but will only marginally change its length/width when pulled. This is a plus, as a stretched-out tape will tend to move and revert to its original size over time, breaking the adhesive bond.
  2. Keep Caffélatex Tubeless Tape under tension while you apply it, making it stick first to the center of the rim channel, then to the edges. Smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles as you go. Use one layer for off-road (up to 4 bar) and two for road (up to 8 bar) applications. Continue on the whole circumference, always focusing on the center of the rim channel, until you get past the valve by 2 cm: (yes, you'll get a 4 cm double (for off-road) or triple (for road) layer across the valve. If possible, avoid finger contact with the last part of the tape, to maximize adhesion on the most exposed segment of the tape.
  3. Rub a clean cloth over the whole circumference, pushing the tape down on the sides of the rim channel as you go. This will ensure you get a perfect adhesion.

Use a spike or a screwdriver to make a round hole in Caffélatex Tubeless Tape at the valve hole. Avoid using a cutter knife and doing an “X” cut: this could compromise proper air-tightness at the valve base.

Available sizes

Caffélatex Tubeless Tape is available in six widths:

  • S (20,5 mm): for rims with internal width between 16 and 20 mm;
  • M (25 mm): for rims with internal width between 20 and 25 mm;
  • L (29 mm): for rims with internal width between 25 and 29 mm;
  • Plus S (34 mm): for rims with internal width between 29 and 34 mm;
  • Plus M (40 mm): for rims with internal width between 34 and 40 mm;
  • Plus L (45 mm): for rims with internal width between 40 and 45 mm.

  • Each width (S, M, L, Plus S, Plus M, Plus L) is available in two length options, 8 m and 50 m Shop rolls.To preserve the tape properties over time, each tape can be stored inside its re-sealable bag.

Made in Italy.

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