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Caffelatex Tubeless Valves (x2) RVC valve and Key by Effetto Mariposa

Part Number:EM015
Caffelatex Tubeless Valves (x2) RVC valve and Key by Effetto Mariposa


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Caffélatex Tubeless Presta Valves

Caffélatex tubeless valves with removable valve core (RVC) are perfect for any tubeless wheel. Thanks to its removable core, the valve allows the use of valve extensions and can be completely rebuilt. Also included in the package are conical adapters and metal washers to allow use with Schrader-drilled rims.

Valve length: 40 mm, or 70 mm

Caffélatex Tubeless Presta Valve Pack Includes:

  • 2 Caffélatex Tubeless Valves with Removable Valve Core (RVC)
  • Presta valve core removal/installation key
  • 2 Rubber conical adapters for use with Schrader-drilled rims
  • 2 Metal washer for use with Schrader-drilled rims

Versatile: Thanks to the conical adapters, these valves can be used with both Presta and Schrader-drilled rims.

Strong: Made of nickel-plated brass, they won’t break even with unfriendly pump heads (or rough hands).

Long: 52 mm full length (37mm effective length when inserted into the rim-bed)

Instructions for use with Schrader-drilled rims

When used on Presta-drilled rims (valve hole diameter: 6.5 mm), the rubber valve base ensures a perfect air-tightness simply tightening the valve on the rim (with its nut), without any additional adapter (see image).

When used on Schrader-drilled rims (valve hole diameter: 8.5 mm or Presta-drilled rims with a hole diameter greater than 6.5 mm, we recommend fitting the conical adapter on the valve before inserting it into the rim. Use the metal washer on the outside of the rim, before tightening the valve nut.

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