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Caffelatex Valve Extensions 35/45mm (x2)

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Caffélatex Valve Extension is a tubeless-specific valve extender, to adapt normal tubeless valves on higher profile rims. Incredibly reliable, it guarantees high stability and air-tightness.
Part Number: EM044
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 Tubeless-specific, generally great:

Caffélatex Valve Extension is externally threaded, so that it s possible to secure the valve to the rim and achieve air-tightness in tubeless applications. The ability of these extensions to be tightened is a plus in general, making them stable and silent also in non-tubeless applications.

Highly reliable:

their nickel-plated brass body avoid stess failures of aluminum tubeless extensions (weakened because of the internal and external threading). Strongest valve extension for mini-pump stress-test inflation.

Made in Italy.

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