Effetto Mariposa’s Carogna Tubular Gluing Tape Makes Regular Glue Look Bad

"With the Carogna tape, there is little fuss and no smell. Taping takes about 10 minutes per wheel, and positioning the tire to run true is easier. Attaching tubulars to the rim with Carogna is also a much simpler affair. The tape works well on both carbon and aluminum rims; any type of tire, be it nylon, cotton, or poly-cotton; and all sorts of external finishes (raw, brushed, vulcanized, or coated by neoprene). So far so good. I’ve got about 15 hours of riding on the Carogna taped wheels, and have been running pressures down to the high teens with no peeling, and little to suggest the tires could come off inadvertently"

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Technical FAQ: Tape for tubulars

"Carogna is different from most tubular gluing tapes in that its top surface is not only extremely sticky, but it is also very thick. The adhesive Effetto Mariposa used for it was developed for taping undersea communication cables together, so it’s meant for tough environments like wet, dirty roads and muddy ’cross trails. Its thick, sticky surface not only adheres to the tire with a strong grip, but it also flows over time to conform to the underside of the tire."