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Chain-L 1oz

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Chain-L 1oz


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Chain-L satisfies three important requirements of a chain lubricant:Lubrication

and Lubrication

Chain-L is a blend of extreme pressure (EP) lubricants in a high film-strength mineral oil base, formulated to provide the maximum possible lubrication to the tiny bearings that make up a chain. Chain-L also contains rust inhibitors and other additives to improve its longevity and wet-weather performance.

Bottle size: 1 oz.

We hear it all the time,
"Chain-L seems similar to other oils I know.  Is it _________ ?"

Chain-L looks, feels, smells, and probably tastes, like motor oil, transmission fluid, chain saw oil, gear oil, cutting oil, etc... (pick one, your choice). Chain-L shares many characteristics of these and other quality lubricants, because it's made to satisfy similar lubrication needs. Therefore, it uses many of the same ingredients. However, the final formula is specifically for bicycle chains and is the result of thousands of miles of road testing by a pool of over 100 test riders. By analogy, consider tomato sauce. All tomato sauces contain the same basic ingredients and are fairly similar. Yet, you wouldn't tell Grandma that her tomato sauce is the same as Ragu, would you?

How to Apply Chain-L

Almost all chain lubes are applied the same way -- apply, soak in, wipe off excess -- and Chain-L is no exception.  Because of its unique properties, it requires some extra attention to detail and we suggest that you follow these instructions, keeping in mind that only the oil inside counts and any excess is counter-productive.

1.  New chains should be oiled off the bike by stretching out on newspaper with the rollers up. Oil generously. This will do a better job of lubricating and save time on cleanup of the cassette and chain rings. Install and skip to Step 4.
2.  Used chains should first be cleaned as well as possible to avoid wicking dirt in.  If the chain has a reusable master link, consider cleaning and oiling it off the bike.  
3. On the bike, oil chain in high gear (outer ring and smallest cog) or using a chain keeper. Chain-L soaks in very slowly, so give it 10 minutes or so. While turning the cranks, wipe excess oil off the chain and derailleur pulleys, leaving only the thinnest film possible. Any excess will only make it messier than it needs to be.
4.  Turn the cranks and look carefully for fans of excess oil spinning off the pulleys. There shouldn't be any. If there are, re-wipe the chain and pulleys and repeat until no oil spins off.
5.  Change gears and wipe off the outer chain ring.  Then run the bike through the gears to spread a bit of the oil throughout the cassette.
6. Don't forget to wipe off any oil that got onto the derailleur, chain stay, etc.

By now, the chain should have a thin, sticky film of oil on its surface. Leave this on for rust protection. It will attract dust on the first few rides but the good news is, after the stickiness is blotted up, the chain won't get any dirtier.  If you wish, you may "dry clean" the chain from time to time by wiping with a paper towel, but don't add oil unless the chain "asks" for it.

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