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Donnelly -- 240TPI 700x25 LCV Folding

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Price: $75.00
Part Number: D20030
Availability: Out of Stock
Donnelly -- 240TPI 700x25 LCV Folding

  • The Rocket - Race-bred road tire that inspires absolute confidence
  • Supple casing with superb ride characteristics
  • Innovative vulcanized casing that incorporates varying thread counts
  • Excellent grip in wet or dry conditions
  • Integrated puncture-protection belt under tread
  • Lightweight, fast and durable Wheel Size: 700c; Bead Material: Fold; Compound: SC; 
  • Grams: 210; Model: LCV; Width: 25 mm; Threads per inch: 240; Type: Tube; BSD: 622; 
  • Sidewall: Black

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