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Donnelly - LAS 700x33 120TPI

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Price: $46.00
The LAS Cyclocross tire has an extremely low rolling resistance and is a wonderful .
Part Number: D10020
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Donnelly LAS
Named after the most entertaining and exciting Cyclocross race location in America, the LAS (Vegas airport code) is fast, glides over hard-rock and cuts through grass.
Its unique nail-file tread is short and fine at the center and progressively taller and more coarse as it approaches the shoulder knobs. This graduated construction gives predictable performance for cornering and off-camber course sections, all the while keeping straight-line rolling resistance as low as possible.
PART# D10020 LAS 700 X 33 - 120 TPI Folding Bead
Foldable Bead Clincher. Protective Belt. Dual Compound, Black. 284 grams.
Note: +/-8% allowable weight variance

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