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Donnelly - LAS Tubular Cyclocross Tire

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Price: $129.99
The Tubular version of the hardpack LAS Cyclocross bike tire
Part Number: D50005
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Donnelly LAS Tubular
Named after the most entertaining and exciting Cyclocross race location in America, the LAS (Vegas airport code) is fast, glides over hard-rock and cuts through grass. The Clement LAS Tubular is a cutting-edge cyclocross tire that combines the LAS tread with an innovative tubeless casing to create the ultimate tubular tire.
* Tread: The LAS nail file tread starts short and fine at the center of the tire and gets progressively taller and coarser as it approaches the shoulder knobs. This creates predictable performance at all angles when cornering and riding off camber sections while keeping straight away riding as fast as possible. The LAS has the same side-knob construction as its cyclocross brother the PDX, giving you superior edge control in leans and a traction advantage coming out of the corner.
* Tubeless: There is no inner tube, instead the entire casing is airtight. This creates a very light-weight tire, but more importantly it is very resistant to punctures. The tire accepts sealant liquid easily, and typical punctures can be quickly sealed from the inside.
* Durable: The sidewall is much more durable than traditional tubulars, and is coated with rubber to prevent deterioration from water, mud, and dirt. No additional sidewall coating is necessary. The tread is manufactured integral with the tire and can't peel away or become detached from the casing.
* High-quality: Every tire is produced in a highly exacting process that creates a very straight tire with no variances in size or alignment.
* Ease of Use: The high-quality manufacturing process results in a tubular tire that is much easier to install than other brands. The tire is straight and the base-tape is consistent, providing an easy to glue surface that won't peel away from the casing or become damaged from normal use.
* Removable Valve Core: Simple unthread the valve core and use a squeeze bottle or syringe to add liquid sealant to the tire to repair most punctures or prevent future punctures. nail-file tread is short and fine at the center and progressively taller and more coarse as it approaches the shoulder knobs. This graduated construction gives predictable performance for cornering and off-camber course sections, all the while keeping straight-line rolling resistance as low as possible.
PART #D50005 LAS 700 X 33 Tubular 
Foldable Bead Tubular. Protective Belt. Black. 378 Grams
Note: +/-8% allowable weight variance

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