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Donnelly - MXP 700 x 33 Tubeless Ready

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Donnelly Tires: MXP 700 x 33 tubeless ready foldable bead 70 tread compound black

The MXP cyclocross tire

The Donnelly MXP cyclocross tire is an incredible all-conditions tire. It's a supple, grippy, tire named after the airport code of Milan, Italy the location of the cyclocross world cup, and as a nod to Clement's Italian roots. 
"The MXP Is an outstanding and grippy intermediate cyclocross tyre. It has a pretty wide window of effectiveness and is confidence inducing for the less experienced and skillful rider" - Rob Allen www.cycletechreview.com
The tire features a new version of the classic Grifo profile, which was first created by Clement decades ago. The new version of the tread includes slits in the central chevrons for flexibility and soccer cleat-nspired side knobs.
The MXP works phenomenally well on inconsistent ground and in a huge array of environments. It dominates in sand, grass, loose dirt, hard dirt, snow, moderate mud, snow, and (of course) pavement. If you could only have one set of cyclocross wheels, this is the tire you want. 

Product Features:
Size: 700 x 33mm
Tubeless Ready
Tread: Center chevrons and staggered side knobs for all-conditions. Soft rubber compound for extra grip and shock absorption.
Weight: 330 gm
"If I had to choose one tire tread to run all season long, the Donnelly MXP is my pick for the most versatile cyclocross tread currently available." Daniel Slusser artscyclery.com

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