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Donnelly - Strada LGG 700 x 25 120tpi

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Part Number: D00030
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Donnelly LGG
The LGG is named after the airport code for Liege, Belgium, heart of the Ardennes and home of  Liège-Bastogne-Liège cycle race, the oldest of the classics.
The Strada LGG is a classic road tire featuring the traditional Donnelly chevron pattern for excellent grip in wet or dry conditions. Inspired by the legendary Donnelly Criterium Seta, the LGG provides a supple ride, durable yet lightweight construction, and puncture-protection belt under the tread. 
* Designed for everyday riding and training.
* Slightly textured center-tread with traditional Donnelly chevron side-tread pattern provides excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.
* Integrated puncture-protection belt under tread.
* Open tread and lightweight construction.
* 60 TPI is single compound tread 70a.
* 120 TPI is a dual version is dual compound tread: 70a in center, softer 60a on sides
Part# D00030 700 x 25 - 120 TPI Folding Bead  - NEW DONNELLY BRANDING
Foldable Bead Clincher. Protective Belt. Dual Compound.
Black. 268 Grams.
Also available in 60 TPI Wire Bead, Tan Sidewall and Tubular
Note: +/-8% allowable weight variance

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