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Donnelly - Strada LGG 700 x 25 60tpi

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Price: $40.00
Part Number: D00027
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Donnelly LGG Classic Road Tire - Tan Sidewall
Liege-Bastogne-Liege is the oldest of the Belgian classics and Liege is where the LGG hails from. Taking ancient cobblestones or brand new pavement in stride, this supple tire smoothes out any definition of a road and is perfect for long rides to far-flung locales.

A fine but durable 60tpi casing combined with textured center track make the LGG fast, the subtle herringbone side tread makes cornering and handling predictable over a wide variety of road surfaces and weather conditions. The Strada LGG is a classic road tire featuring the traditional Donnelly chevron pattern for excellent grip in wet or dry conditions. Inspired by the legendary Donnelly Criterium Seta, the LGG provides a supple ride, light weight, and puncture-protection belt underneath tread.

* Designed for everyday riding and training.
* Textured center-tread, chevron side-tread.
* Excellent grip in wet or dry conditions.
* Integrated puncture-protection belt.
* Variety of sizes and construction.

Part# D00027 700 x 25 - 60 TPI Folding Bead
Foldable Bead Clincher. Protective Belt. 70a Tread Compound.
Tan/Black. 254 grams.
Note: +/-8% allowable weight variance

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