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Donnelly - Strada USH 650b x 42 60TPI Wire Bead

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Price: $31.95
Part Number: D40031
Availability: In Stock
Strada USH
When speed is top priority but the road is unpredictable, the Strada USH stands out as a light and fast tire that can handle it no matter what the road is made of.

Combining a fast rolling center track and scaled up herringbone tread for conviction in the turns, this long lasting and hard wearing tire has you covered from commuting to a big adventure days in the saddle.

* Fast and durable center section
* Exaggerated chevron pattern on sides for great grip
* 60 TPI clincher in folding bead and wire bead
* Puncture resistant belt under tread

Part # D40031 Strada USH 650b x 42 - 60 TPI Wire Bead
Wire bead clincher. Protective belt. 70 tread compound. Black tire. 580 grams.

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