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Donnelly - X'Plor CDG 700x30 60TPI

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Price: $50.00
Part Number: D20082
Availability: Out of Stock
Donnelly X'Plor CDG Adventure/Road Tire 
The CDG is the airport code for the famed Paris airport, Charles De Gaulle and pays homage to the brutal cobbled roads used for Spring Classics like the Paris-Roubaix.
This incredible tubeless ready road tire features a center section of tightly packed mini nubs that offer traction when you need it without sacrificing speed. The tread transitions to more aggressive, larger nubs towards the outside so you can lean into the corners with the utmost confidence. Even during a rainy day in Belgium.
Product Features:
Unique center-tread pattern provides excellent grip in wet or dry conditions
* Side nubs offer excellent traction while cornering
* Integrated puncture-protection belt
* Lightweight construction

Part #: D20082 X'Plor CDG 700 X 30 - Tube Type 60 TPI
Folding Bead Clincher. Protective Belt. 70 Tread Compound. Black tire. 344 grams. This tire requires an inner tube. Tubes sold separately.

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