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Donnelly - X'Plor USH 60 TPI 700x35 mm

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Price: $47.00
An all around 60 TPI adventure and gravel tire that is ready to tackle anything.
Part Number: D10052
Availability: Out of Stock

X'Plor USH. Adventure, Commuter, Touring Tire. Named after Ushuaia airport code, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina, the ultimate destination for adventure bike touring, the USH adventure tire is perfect for mixed conditions.

The firm center ridge and diamond shaped side knobs provide low rolling resistance and great cornering control. Perfect for dirt roads, touring, urban assault, the USH will fit Cyclocross, commuter or touring bikes.

*X'Plor series designed for adventure.
*Soft rubber for extra grip and cushion
*Fast and durable center section
*Puncture-protection belt under tread (60TPI)
*Protective belt from bead to bead (120 TPI)
*Aramid folding bead and wire bead options

SKU# D10052 X'Plor USH 700 X 35 - 60 TPI Folding Bead
Foldable bead clincher, puncture protection belt under tread, black. 430 grams.

Note: +/- 8% allowable weight variance

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