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Effetto Mariposa Espresso Inflate and Repair Tire Sealant
Effetto Mariposa Espresso Inflate and Repair Tire Sealant

Espresso 75 ml Inflate and Repair Cartridge

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Price: $19.95
Effetto Espresso Inflates and seals your bike tire in under a minute
Part Number: EM023
Availability: Ground Shipment Only

Espresso Inflate and Repair Tire Sealant

Size: 75 ml

Innovative inflate and repair cartridge for road and mountain bikes.

Espresso is perfect for road and off-road applications, fixing punctures on tube-type, tubeless, and tubular tires in 45 seconds or less.

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Watch Espresso In Action

The flexible silicone tube of the nozzle fits directly on Presta valves, allowing the use of Espresso even with spokes close to the valve area or road disc wheels.


To Use

To use the cartridge, just push the button on top of the cartridge in any direction to release the Caffelatex-based sealant. Thanks to the direct connection between the valve and the cartridge, the special repairing foam goes straight to the tire, without leaks. No ammonia; it is 100% tire, tube, and rim friendly.

Less than one minute is needed to inflate and repair tires with sizes ranging from 700 x 20C (20-622) up to 26 x 2.50 (62-559). For Presta valves only, though a Schrader to Presta converter can be used in a pinch.

The max achievable pressure on a road tires like the Clement Strada is 5 bars, and easily over 2 bars on MTB tires, including big section tires. The Espresso cartridge brings the road tire up to 'rideable' pressure.

Espresso adds around 30-40g of weight, and when the liquid evaporates a solid weight of 18g.

Espresso can fix punctures up to 1 mm.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Espresso 75 ML <- click to view and download (this MSDS file is a PDF)

Important Shipping Notice

This product can only be shipped by ground to destinations within the Continental United States.

This product cannot be shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, or Puerto Rico.

This product cannot be shipped outside the Continental United States.

Espresso Reviews:

ITriathalon:"we're sure that Espresso is a brilliant solution for your next competition"

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