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GUTR FLEX Sweatband

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GUTR® introduces a new addition to their performance sweatband line up, SWEAT GUTR® FLEX.


Upending the use of traditional fabric sweatbands, the original, patented SWEAT GUTR® sweatband proved popular with athletes and active people when playing and working in hot, humid conditions. Compared to fabric sweatbands and bandanas that absorb sweat and eventually saturate, the GUTR® is made of a soft, fexible plastic that forms a seal to continuously channel sweat away from the eyes and face, avoiding blurred vision and fogging lenses. 

The newest addition, SWEAT GUTR® FLEX, features a low-profile, easily-adjustable, elastic closure. The refined sweatband has a longer channel, uses a softer polymer, and is available in 6 color options. Like its predecessor, FLEX fits smartly under all kinds of head gear cycling, hard hats, military and a wide range of sports helmets.

  • NEW COMFORT CLOSURE Fully adjustable for exact sizing and comfortable fit
  • SOFT MICRO LIP CHANNEL Promotes sweat drainage and keeps glasses from fogging
  • New, longer 8 channel for better clearance
  • VENTED SIDES For added flexibility and comfort
  • SOFT FLEXIBLE PLASTIC CONSTRUCTION Sweat resistant, durable, and easy to clean
  • Extremely lightweight and comfortable
  • GUTR TECHNOLOGY Channels sweat away from your eyes and glasses

Made in Texas

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