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Giustaforza Torque Wrench Re-calibration

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Price: $35.00
Part Number: CRGFREACL
Availability: In Stock

The Giustaforza (GF) torque wrench is a precision instrument. The Giustaforza wrench is guaranteed accurate +/- 4% for the first 5000 clicks. Thereafter its accuracy will eventually degrade to +/-10%.

Unless you've neglected to return the wrench to its lowest tension setting after use, you probably don't have to consider recalibration. Five thousand clicks is a lifetime of use for most users.

However, if you're a bicycle shop mechanic and you use this wrench all day everyday, or if you've ever forgotten to un-tension your wrench, you can have it re-calibrated following the two steps below.

Re-calibration price: $35

Price includes certified re-calibration, handling, and guaranteed return shipping throughout the U.S, Mexico, and Canada.

Step 1: Ship the Giustaforza Torque Wrench to Cantitoe Road

You must send the Giustaforza to us via track-able shipment. We must be able to track the shipment from your location to ours. For example, you could use the United States Postal Service Priority Mail with the Delivery Confirmation option, or UPS tracks anything sent via their Ground service. If you need help or have questions please contact us.

Send the GF torque wrench via trackable shipment to:

Cantitoe Road
2106 Rollingwood Drive

Fort Collins, CO 80525

Step 2: Purchase a Re-calibration to Notify us of your Shipment

After you have your Giustaforza ready to ship, add this re-calibration item to your cart and checkout.

During the checkout process, provide us with all the shipment information in the checkout page comments box.  We will track the wrench during its transit.

Make sure you provide us with your correct shipping address during the checkout process, so that we can properly return the wrench to you.


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