Guistaforza Torque Wrench Reviews:

Bike Radar "This is the perfect present for the precise and careful home mechanic"

Slow Twitch "I give it five stars for quality, function, and feel."

Road CC "The Giustaforza torque wrench is the answer to the home mechanic’s prayer-it’s compact, easy to use, affordable...and moreover, accurate."

Red Kite Prayer "If you’re shopping for the cyclist in your life, this thing the clearest possible way you can find to tell your loved one that you care that he or she rides on a properly maintained bicycle."

Wired "The Giustaforza wrench is a tool that’s earned a permanent place in my toolbox, and one that I’ll love to pick up each time I need it."

Bike Rumor "We really like the solid feel and firm “click” when the desired resistance has been met and screws are properly torqued. That, and the hard anodized red finish looks boss."

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