Trelock LS 950 by Guitar Ted Installed on the front rack, Guitar Ted has bounced and banged our Trelock LS950 headlight with the best of them and still likes it's quality.

"It (the Trelock LS950) also seems to be a durable light. I have bounced it over rough roads and trails, and even dropped it on my cement garage floor from approximately five feet with no ill effects. I have run it in temperatures ranging from the teens to the 80′s and it seems not to be fazed by any of this. You would expect a $200.00+ unit to be such a performer, and it seems that the Trelock LS 950 holds up to the test. Buy this light if the quality of light means more than a lumens spec." -¬†Guitar Ted, Gravel Grinder News

He rides gravel, and he's not afraid to tell us about it. Guitar Ted is one hip rock-crusher, and he gave our Trelock LS950 headlight a ride last November. Although his review was, perhaps, four out of five stars, we think he gave us a fair go, and we appreciate his thorough testing process.

Note that: Guitar Ted only rode gravel with this light. We are not pitching it as an off road only option, but instead as a great piece of bicycle commuting gear that has the durability for off road use. Ted took it to the limit, and we respect that, but it's just as good for the bicycle commuter as it is for the gravel grinder.

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Date 8/31/2017

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