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H-Black Pro E Series

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HERRMANS® H-BLACK PRO E-Series head light with the new patent pending Projector Technology (P-Tech). Automotive technology transformed to the bicycle industry. The P-Tech feature offers extremely high optical efficiency and exact 100% guiding of light. Resulting in superior light output and a focused light beam with a sharp cut of line. -> More light on the road (where needed).

The light pattern is optimized for the rider - super wide, long and homogeneous light distribution (widest on the market). The H-BLACK PRO E-Series head projector light for dynamos 6V (AC) delivers a strong light output, preliminary of up to 200 lumens. The lamp offers near field illumination as well as non-flickering illumination also at low speeds. To be seen by other traffic the H-BLACK PRO E-Series has additional LEDs for clear side visibility. Stand light and distinct ON/OFF switch that is easy to operate.

Rear light connection with short cables. Small and elegant contemporary alloy housing (CNC) provides both robustness and excellent cooling of the LED. Thanks to many assembly options the lights fit all types of bicycles. The H-BLACK PRO fulfills a number of European road traffic regulations.

Light patterns

Customer Review

5 Stars
- Robert Walton
"I recently upgraded my generator light to the Herrmans H Black Pro. I have been using a variety of different generator lights on my commuter bikes for about eight years. For the past three years I have been commuting to or from work in the dark. But enough about me...

This light is very bright, has an effective light pattern and is very well made. The body is solid aluminum and the switch is quite elegant and understated. It works by twisting the back. I power it with a Shimano XT generator hub. Usually I run it day and night for added visibility. Installation was a cinch with the bare ended wires going to the hub and the ones with little metal coupler ends going to the tail light. The stand light function also works well. 100% loving this light. Thanks Cantitoe Road!"

Editorial Review

"All in all one of the very best lights we have ever tested."

5 Stars  - From Electric Bikes Review

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