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H-Trace E-Bike Taillight

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Price: $14.95
E-Bike specific tail lamp
Part Number: 4099-0146
Availability: In Stock
HERRMANS® H-Trace e-bike rear-light 6-12V, has a modern and compact design with durable construction Instantly noticeable with dual light sources and 220° side visibility for increased safety. The H-TRACE fulfils a number of European road traffic regulations. The German Magazine Aktiv Radfahren awarded HERRMANS® H-TRACE Dynamo version with the grade "recommended" in their test of 15 current LED rear lights with German StVZO approvals in issue 11-12/2016. The magazine states in their comments: "Several best results. The Nordic H-Trace get the best results when it comes to visibility, brightness and consumption. For us a clear recommendation.

H-TRACE E-Bike rear LED light is an e-bike specific light that will run on any e-Bike battery from 5.5V to 48V.

  • Splash Proof
  • Visible over 350m away - 2 LEDs

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