Today I want to tell you about our newest ring lock, the Trelock RS445. The unique feature about this lock is the mounting system. It's a seatpost mount, You can mount it on virtually any bike in under a minute. Let me show you how.

Trelock Ring Lock RS445


The Trelock ring lock comes with not only the mount, but also includes these two rubber fitting inserts to accommodate different size seat tubes. The way you'll mount this is by weaving the lock in between the seat post and the seat stay, and simply clamping it around the post, and threading two bolts in through these holes.

The way the ring lock works is, by turning the key, and throwing the shackle, it completely immobilizes the rear wheel. It's convenient and easy, and it's always attached to your bicycle.

For additional security, you can also purchase plugin chains or cables from our site. Thanks for watching!


robin riley

Date 11/22/2014

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