Trelock LS950 Rechargeable Light Trelock LS950 Rechargeable Light

The Shakespearean term "much ado" means "a lot of fuss". And maybe that rhetoric is a bit altiloquent for a lowly blog post about bicycle lights, but maybe, like all good Shakespeare, it's spot it's own, unique way. In this post we ask a simple question: What is the best bike light?

We're well aware (as you are...) that bicycle lights are not hard to come by, and come by cheap. Real cheap. We understand (as you do...) that most people aren't in the market for a two hundred dollar bicycle light - sometimes you just need a light to get you from A to B - the beauty of simplicity.

Tom's Daily Commter rendered for free from a driveway Tom's daily commuter bike, rendered from a driveway at no charge

But there are times when you need an appropriate light for night time mountain bike riding, or a 24-hour bike race, or a bicycle tour down Highway 1, or for your daily commuter that you plan to put 6,000 miles on this year (see image right of Tom's garage sale special, commuter-klunker with near 10K on it...).

In these instances, we think it's merited to spend a bit more on a reliable lighting system that will last a few years, and fulfill your specific, if not universal, lighting needs. Below are a few lighting options, that we pros at Cantitoe Road offer, and have found to be quite bang-o-rang (if you will).

Rechargeable Bicycle Lights - Apt for touring, ultra-marathon events, and commuting.

The Pluses:

  • Our rechargeable lights include a USB charging cord.
  • Rechargeable lights save you money.
  • Our LS 950 is bright as hell.

Trelock LS950 Rechargeable Light with Integrated Display

The new Trelock LS 950 is a rechargeable bicycle light with an integrated display that's absolutely stunning. For you off-road night riding mountain bike junkies, the LS 950 is perfect. You'll never have to worry about  that nightmare when you discover that you're battery is running out, that you've only got a 1/2 hour of juice, and an hour left to ride. Fist, the LS 950 lasts a loooong time. With a full charge, it'll run at it's brightest super nova level for 6+ hours.  If you didn't remember to full charge the batter before setting out, or if you're ride is going to be longer than 6 hours, you can choose a lower setting to gain ride time.  The beauty of the LS 950 is the integrated display that shows you EXACTLY how much run time you have left, in hours and minutes, and the ability to change light levels (and increase remaining time) according to your needs.


Trelock LS950 Rechargeable Light Trelock LS950 with Integrated Charge Display
SRP: $199.95


How about dynamo lighting systems?

At Cantitoe Road, we like dynamo lighting systems, and we sell some of the highest quality systems available in the bicycle industry. But,  there are pluses and minuses.



  • You make your own juice. They are greenest bicycle lighting system available  for the greenest transportation method. 
  • Your bicycle lights are always there so you never have to worry about anything except flipping the switch to "on".
  • They're not like the high drag dynamos of yesteryear. Today's dynamo hubs run at 73-75% efficiency and have very low drag. You can hardly feel them.
  • Certain dynamo lights offer features like USB charging ports, and an "Auto" setting that can detect darkness and turns on automatically as the daylight fades
  • Dynamo lighting systems are perfect for 24-hour races, long commutes, cross country touring, or night riding through the city


  • Dynamo light kits can more expensive than battery bicycle lights
  • Dynamo light kits take a bit of mechanical savvy to install, but it's not rocket science.

cantitoe road dynamo wheel and trelock light kit Cantitoe Road Joule HG "On & Off" Dynamo Wheel and Trelock Light Kit SRP: $650.00

The bottom line

Well, there really isn't a bottom line - we could go on fussing all day about bicycle lighting options - so ...What's the best bike light?

It all depends on you.


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