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Reflective Bike Tape - Diamond Grade - White

Part Number:CRRS983-10
Reflective Bike Tape - Diamond Grade - White


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Reflective Tape Diamond Grade - White

This Diamond Grade reflective tape is a highly retro-reflective micro-prismatic tape designed to mark the the surface of bicycles for enhanced visibility and detection. The reflective marking consists of prismatic lenses that are formed in a transparent, synthetic resin, sealed and backed with a pressure sensitive adhesive and clear poly liner. IN PLAIN ENGLISH - this stuff is brilliantly reflective. Applied to properly prepared (clean) surfaces the Diamond Grade marking tape should provide seven years of field performance. Hint, use this together with our Safety Wing for optimal night time communting safety!

This strip can be cut down and put on fenders, or other bike parts that you would like to have reflective properties.

This white color reflective tape is diamond grade, which meets or exceeds all FMVSS 108 requirements, including DOT-C2 Certification Mark.

  • 2 inches wide x 12 inches long
  • High brightness
  • Wide angularity to almost 90° from perpendicular

Easy to apply

  • Aggressive pressure sensitive adhesive
  • Easy to remove liner


  • Pre-sealed edges
  • Non-metallic construction to prevent corrosion
  • 7-year lifespan

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Customer Service…
I bought 3 of these, and was shipped the red/white version by accident. One (1) phone call and my order was corrected and immediately shipped! EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICE! I usually start my ride at 0430 so there isn''t much traffic on the road, but with only a blinking red tail light and front white spot, I wasn''t really visible. If I was on a major road, traffic wouldn''t move over that much (i.e. still in their lane). I placed this tape on 1) both seat stays, 2) heels of my shoes, 3) helmet (front and back), and 4) brake levers. Now the traffic moves WAY OVER - into the middle lane (of a 3 lane road) or left lane (of 2 lane road). There''s no doubt this grabs their attention - and keeps me safe(r). The adhesive is very good, and I had no trouble lifting/re-aligning it before I burnished it.
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Reviewed by:  from . on 12/8/2011 7:55:00 AM

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