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SmarTasca, Water resistant valuables protector, Small 180 x 80 mm

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SmarTasca is a practical, sturdy and transparent bag to carry smartphone, ID and some cash during rides. Water and sweat-resistant, it allows the use of touch screens.


  • SmarTasca ("tasca" is the Italian for pocket) protects its content against rain and sweat
  • smartphones can be used while inside SmarTasca
  • abrasion and (small) shock resistant
  • double sealed closure
  • minimal size


Easy to use:

SmarTasca doesn't simply protect a smartphone and IDs from rain and sweat (for that, a simple freezer bag is good enough..), it also allows full use of touch screens, a welcome feature for a quick check and answer of messages on the go. WARNING: fingerprint recognition doesn't work through SmarTasca.
In case of accidental drop, SmarTasca provides a good degree of protection against scratches and small impacts to its content.

Reliable closure:

The double closure generates a double seal, much more effective to keep water and moisture outside. The upper lip of the closure is slightly raised, so that SmarTasca can be opened even while wearing light gloves.

Minimal size:

The double seal closure is designed to fold back, to keep bulk to the minimum and allow an easy transportation in the back pocket of the jersey.
Here are the sizes of closed SmarTascas, depending on the version:
  • S : 180 x 80 mm;
  • M: 180 x 100 mm.

What can you carry?

SmarTasca is intended to carry the bare minimum needed for a ride: phone, documents, cash and perhaps home and car keys.
Two versions, S and M, are intended to satisfy different transportation needs, as shown in the picture above.

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