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Snap-in Rails Bracket
Snap-in Rails Bracket

Snap-In Rails Bracket 50 mm

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Price: $6.95
Part Number: 5051-0058
Availability: In Stock
This clever multi-purpose snap-in bracket makes it easy to attach rear lights to the underside of the saddle. Assembly holes for mounting screws are 50 mm apart (the industry standard for rear lights). You can also use it to attach a saddle bag  or reflector to the underside of your saddle. Because is snaps-in and snaps-out so easily, you can easily switch it from bike to bike, or clip it to your belt.

The Herrmans H-Rails snap-in battery light employs this bracket. you can see how easily it snaps in and out on the H-Rails page. Click here to see the how-to video.

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