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Sprintech Roadbike Mirror (Left Side)

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No more surprises! Sprintech has your back

This pair of rear-view mirrors is designed for drop bar road bikes. It was conceived with the idea of increasing the cyclist's safety by offering a greatly expanded visual field at a quick glance. You don't have to look over your shoulder to see what's coming up on you. Just glance down...its right there. These mirrors eliminate the need for the rider to change position to see what's behind, possibly and compromising safety, especially in a dense urban environment.

Practical, light, and effective, these mirrors are discreet and do not hinder the movements of the cyclist.


  • COLOR OPTIONS: Available in Black, White, Red, Blue, Yellow and Green
  • SAFETY: Keep yourself confident with safe equipment by using the world's most trusted bicycle safety mirrors.
  • RELIABILITY: Whether out bicycling on Sunday or commuting to work failure isn't an option. When other brands rattle and spin out of position, SprinTech mirrors hold true.
  • EASY INSTALL: Remove the end cap and replace with the Sprintech cap. Then fit the female cap receptor with the mirror's male insert.
  • VISIBILITY: No more looking over your shoulder and wondering if the vehicle approaching is too close for comfort. Give yourself time to react.
  • LIGHT: 19 grams per mirror (with plug), they are amazingly light yet shatterproof.

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