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Tire Sealant and Tubeless Conversion

Caffélatex tire sealant is different than other liquid latex sealants on the market -- it has a foaming agent that effectively creates a tire filling foam as your tire rolls down the road or trail. 

Bicycle Tire Sealant Comparison

The advantage is that the Caffelatex foaming sealant can seal the rim/tire junction and sidewall punctures as you ride. For a sidewall puncture, other riders will have to stop and jiggle their tire

Caffelatex is a liquid, synthetic latex based tire sealant. It's ammonia-free, so it won't harm your tires, tubes or rims. It's available in a 1000ml or 250ml bottle. Caffelatex will seal punctures as big as 5mm in mountain and 3mm in road tires.

"Having spent six months using several different sealants back-to-back, we can confidently say this is the highest performing one we have tried so far." - Matt Wragg - PinkBike.com Jan 2, 2014


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