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TyreInvader by Effetto Mariposa - 55mm x 2

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NEW! - Tyre Invader - 55mm x 2

Lightweight EVA TyreInvader is an anti-pinch-flat insert for tubeless tires that protects your tires and rims without interfering with the way your wheels behave.

Watch this introduction to TyreInvader from Effetto Mariposa owner Alberto DeGioannini
EVA TyreInvader is a closed-cell polymer so it won't suck-up sealant and, because of its tight fit, allows "Run Flat" riding.

TyreInvader is useful to those who tend to damage tires or rims because of high speed, low pressure, or rough terrain. Its "run flat" operation is an emergency mode that will allow you to continue riding a flat during which it is advisable to reduce speed.

Available in 4 sizes (click size to link): Gravel-40mm;  XC-50mm;  Enduro- 55mm; FAT-60mm.

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