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VISION 360° Sprintech, high visibility reflector

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Price: $14.99
Part Number: P014
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SPRINTECH® VISION 360° is made in Germany by a leader in the market, exclusively for its inventor Carlo Dondo at CD Project Sàrl.

The chosen material is recyclable and known for its long lasting strength and robustness and its suitability for detailed workmanship.

SPRINTECH® VISION 360° is certified by the independent QualiLab laboratory and by VCA (The United Kingdom Vehicle Approval Authority) who both confirmed the positive characteristics of the design and production thanks to its colorimetry, photometry, and resistance to vibrations, humidity, dust and corrosion. The ultrasonic welding stops dust from getting inside the reflector.

SPRINTECH® VISION 360° passed all FMVSS (Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard) European cycle tests with flying colours and obtained ECE approval in Europe and SAE approval in the United States.



The key to the reflector is that it ALWAYS reflects the light from the same direction it comes from, whatever the angle. Sprintech® VISION 360° (if positioned on the back wheel) is designed to reflect back the light coming from the car behind which means that the driver will see the intense luminous effect irrespective of whether the reflector is positioned vertically or horizontally.

Sprintech® VISION is the first spoke reflector that reflects light back to approaching cars with a highly visible rotating prism effect.

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