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Your next tubeless set up will use rim strips - here's why.

Posted by Andy on 6/10/2016

The Tubeless Debate

Bring up tubeless conversions with any group of cyclists and a familiar debate will ensue. On one hand, tubeless set-ups offer an enormous advancement which can change not only how your bike rides, but how much time you’ll spend fixing flats on the side of a trail. However, it has also been said that conversion itself can be such a hassle that many choose to stick with tubes, foregoing the traction and virtual elimination of pinch flats that tubeless set-ups provide. After spending frustrating hours attempting to get a bead to seat, most will give up, throw an inner tube in and move on.


Chains vs Belts - Which is the best option for Cyclists?

Posted by Tom on 5/11/2016 to Bicycle Chain
The debate rages on - which drivetrain option is best for cyclists? Here's our opinion:

The Bike Design Project: Oregon Manifest

Posted by Jason on 7/29/2014 to Bicycle Trends
I recently ran across a competition called The Bike Design Project, where the Oregon Manifest organized a duel between 5 teams (is it a duel if there are 5 teams? Perhaps a Pentel, or fivel...). The goal of the competition is to pit 5 different cities against each other to create the ultimate urban utility bicycle.

Tracking your progress leads to a more fulfilling cycling life

Posted by Shane Rohleder on 1/2/2014 to Bicycle Commuting

Image of Maxwell Natural Area, Fort Collins, CO Maxwell Loop, Fort Collins, CO

I am not a stickler for statistics. I have been riding the same mountain bike trail after work for the past five years and I've never tracked my mileage, time, or rate of ascent. I have been curious about both before, however, asking, "I wonder how hard this really is?" Which of course is just a cover up for the real question, "I wonder how good at this I actually am?"

Guitar Ted's final review on the Trelock LS 950 speaks to lights German quality and longevity

Posted by Shane Rohleder on 1/2/2014 to Bicycle Lights

Trelock LS 950 by Guitar Ted Installed on the front rack, Guitar Ted has bounced and banged our Trelock LS950 headlight with the best of them and still likes it's quality.

Why Flashing Bicycle Headlights are a BAD Idea

Posted by Tom Petrie on 10/10/2013 to Bicycle Lights

Using a bright flashing headlight is a mistake. What it very clearly says is this, “I don’t give a shit if I’m blinding you with this flashing light. I’m going to make sure you see me even if it does annoy you and create a dangerous situation because I’m the most important thing on the road, so go fuck yourself.”

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