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Clement - Strada USH 700x32 60TPI Wire Bead

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Clement Tires: Strada USH 700 X 32 60 tpi wire bead protective belt black  500 grams

The Strada USH Wire Beading Ready Tire

When speed is a top priority but the road is unpredictable, the Strada USH stands out as a light and fast tire that can handle it no matter what the road is made of.  Combining a fast rolling center track and scaled up herringbone tread for conviction in the turns, this long lasting and hard wearing tire has you covered from commuting to big adventure days in the saddle.

Product Features:

    • Clincher size: 32 x 700
    • Wire Beading
    • Fast and durable center section
    • Exaggerated chevron pattern on sides for great grip
    • 60 TPI 

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