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IceToolz Ocarina Torque Wrench - 3-10 Nm

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Price: $23.99
Lightweight ergonomic torque wrench with 3 - 10 Nm preset torque values.
Part Number: E219
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IceToolz Ocarina Torque Wrench - 3-10 Nm

The Ocarina torque wrench features pre-set torque settings from 3-10 Nm. Set the torque you need and tighten until you feel the click.
It's lightweight and smart design.
The ergonomic handle holds 3,4,5 and 6 mm hex keys and a T-25 bit.
Packs easily. Patented.


NOTE: To maintain accuracy, do not use the torque wrench to loosen bolts. Only use in a clock-wise direction.

Ocarina from Sean Lara Photography on Vimeo.

  • MEASUREMENT: Accurate torque measurement that covers most manufacturer tightness settings in one tool. Includes 3,4,5, and 6mm hex keys as well as T 25 key. The operating range is 3 to 10 NM.
  • SAFETY: Never worry again about over tightening a bolt and damaging what you are working on. Ocarina tightens to the correct torque easily with no need to set up between various torque.
  • COMFORT: The ergonomic handle features a lightweight and smart design ideal for mechanics and riders to apply the correct force.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Small and lightweight, making it a perfect tool for your bike box so that you can rebuild your bike on vacation or a weekend away with no stress.
  • STORAGE: All pieces are stored in the handle. Never lose loose parts while working on your bicycle.

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