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Compact Mirror by Sprintech

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Part Number: P016
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Adjustable rear-view mirror for eBikes and other flat bar bikes.

The growing popularity of electrically assisted bicycles has led to the need to equip them with mirrors comparable to those mounted on motorcycles. However, Sprintech® Compact is suitable for all types of bicycle with straight or slightly curved handlebar.

Extra-solid and multi-adjustable, Sprintech® Compact has a large reflective surface, coated with safety glass, that measures not less than 38.5 cm2: a very light convexity is therefore sufficient to obtain a wide field of vision. The clamping system is the patented one for Sprintech® City, refined over the years.

It leaves the width of the handlebar virtually unchanged, thus avoiding adding side space that can disturb riding through the traffic and be a potential danger.

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