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Wind-Blox Focus

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Price: $20.00
Part Number: WBF-
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  • WIND-BLOX TECHNOLOGY: Best in bike helmet ear protection! Wind-Blox are wind tunnel tested and engineered using patent-pending technology to block out over 80% of wind noise. The Focus biking ear covers work by focusing sound waves to allow cyclists to keep the sounds they want and remain tuned into their surroundings for audible riding.
  • FULL COVERAGE, EAR WARMING: Trade in your bulky earmuffs for a sleeker product. Wind-Blox Focus biking ear covers are engineered out of waterproof, soft-shell sports fabric and designed to hold in ear warmth while you ride. Providing full ear coverage, these are the perfect solution for all-season riders and commuters.
  • STAY ATTACHED: Unlike earmuffs, ear plugs, and other ear coverings, the Wind-Blox Focus stays attached to your bike helmet. With the simple helmet attachments you just fasten and go. These are ideal for adjustable-clip helmets. Wind-Blox are also removable and machine-washable for easy-care maintenance.
  • ENJOYABLE AND AUDIBLE RIDING: The wind noise cyclists encounter while biking can cause permanent hearing loss over the long term. Mike Fajen’s work as a professional engineer drove him to find a solution to this problem bicyclists face daily. With the patented Wind-Blox Focus you can now enjoy quieter and more enjoyable bike-riding experiences for years to come!
  • SAFER FOR EARBUD AUDIO: Improve the safety and sound quality of your earbuds while you bike! The Wind-Blox Focus is the ideal wind noise blocker for people who ride with earbuds--where the law permits. The Wind-Blox Focus ear cover reduces frustrating wind noise and allows for increased comfort and lower audio volume levels when wearing a helmet, so your bike ride can be safer and more enjoyable.

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